This is an introduction to the LegendreBasis class. We write a small overarching summary of the class where we define the algorithm/equation/structure reasoning for having this class or where it fits with the rest of the code.

class LegendreBasis : public mrcpp::ScalingBasis

Legendre scaling functions as defined by Alpert, SIAM J Math Anal 24 (1), 246 (1993).

Public Functions

inline LegendreBasis(int k)

k[in] Polynomial order of basis, 1 < k < 40


New LegendreBasis object

Private Functions

void initScalingBasis()

Initialise Legendre scaling basis.

Fills std::vector<Polynomial> funcs declared in the base class ScalingBasis with the Legendre scaling functions

\[ \phi_j(x) = \sqrt{ 2j + 1 } P_j(2x - 1) , \quad x \in (0, 1) , \quad j = 0, \ldots, k , \]
where \( P_j \) are standard Legendre polynomials. Here \( k \) is order declared in the base class.


These Legendre scaling functions are defined on the unit interval \( (0, 1) \).

void calcQuadratureValues()

In Progress by Evgueni…

void calcCVMaps()

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