This is an introduction to the TimeEvolutionOperator class. We write a small overarching summary of the class where we define the algorithm/equation/structure reasoning for having this class or where it fits with the rest of the code.

digraph { "ConvolutionOperator" -> "TimeEvolutionOperator" }
template<int D>
class TimeEvolutionOperator : public mrcpp::ConvolutionOperator<D>

time evolition operator

Public Functions

TimeEvolutionOperator(const MultiResolutionAnalysis<D> &mra, double prec, double time, int finest_scale, bool imaginary, int max_Jpower = 20)

A constructor for TimeEvolutionOperator class.

Constructs either real or imaginary part of the Schrodinger semigroup at a given time moment.

  • mra[in] MRA.

  • prec[in] precision.

  • time[in] the time moment (step).

  • finest_scale[in] the operator constructed down to this scale.

  • imaginary[in] defines the real (faulse) or imaginary (true) part of the semigroup.

  • max_Jpower[in] maximum amount of power integrals used.

void initialize(double time, int finest_scale, bool imaginary, int max_Jpower)

Creates Re or Im of operator.

Uniform down to finest scale so far… (in progress)