This is an introduction to the SchrodingerEvolution_CrossCorrelation class. We write a small overarching summary of the class where we define the algorithm/equation/structure reasoning for having this class or where it fits with the rest of the code.

class SchrodingerEvolution_CrossCorrelation

Public Functions

SchrodingerEvolution_CrossCorrelation(int amount, int k, int t)

SchrodingerEvolution_CrossCorrelation constructor.

It checks if the order and type are meaningful and then reads matrices from a file. By default the file has some information about the data stored, so the first interger to read is describing the size of the documentation text.

  • amount[in] the integer specifying the maximum amount of matrices \( C^k \) to be used in calculations

  • k[in] the integer specifying the polynomial order

  • t[in] the integer specifying the scaling basis type